Three of my best skills

1. Problem Solving

When a problem presents itself, I take the initiative to find solutions without being asked, and I will struggle with that problem till it’s solved. One time when I first began working at my current job, there was a problem with the web browser on my boss’ computer. Every time the web browser was opened, another pop up would open affecting its speed and functionality.

So, without any direction, I took it upon myself to figure out how the browser could be fixed. I tinkered with the system preferences for a while and did research on google. Finally, I was able to fix it! I found that there was a browser plug-in which had been installed for some reason, automatically opening up different windows on the desktop. I went ahead and uninstalled all the downloaded browser extensions and it fixed the problem! I was able to go to my boss and tell her that the computer was fixed, without her using up any of her time or energy. It is the fact that I can take on tasks and seek solutions to them without lots of direction, that makes me an effective problem solver overall.

2. Work Ethic

I love the grind. Knowing there is an arduous task ahead gets me pumped up and excited to take it on. I never shy away from a challenge and I take pride in putting my heart and mind into a project. At a previous job, I was tasked with sorting through a client list and adjusting their status in our system based on whether or not they were actively looking to buy.

The list was five or six pages long with hundreds and hundreds of names. I was only supposed to be working that day for three hours, but I ended up working a total of five hours, just going through and updating each name one by one. I wasn’t thinking about how long it would take to get through this task. I was just focused on getting it done and doing it correctly, even if it was time-consuming and tedious. That is my work philosophy, to get things done and do it right, no matter the task.

3. Enthusiasm

As much as I am an effective problem-solver who takes pride in my work, my enthusiasm is probably my most pronounced and easily observable skill. When I am working, I take on each task with energy and excitement. I actively look for jobs to do and whenever I’m asked for help I react with a smile and I say “what can I do for you?”.

Having an enthusiastic attitude not only helps me deal with tough situations but it is also infectious and creates a better working environment for everyone. My enthusiasm has allowed me to stay motivated during difficulties. For example, at the rental company I worked for, a key broke and got stuck inside the doorknob to our storage room. We had a delivery soon and needed the items inside. Instead of becoming frustrated and discouraged, I took on the challenge with a positive attitude and after a good amount of time, I removed the broken key and got the door open. Since I took on the challenge with a smile and a pep in my step, we were able to get to the delivery on time and our customer was satisfied.