Digitizing my client’s business part 3: Awesome google Integrations

This week I am focusing on making adjustments to the software and looking for opportunities to add features which would be valuable for my client. After talking to my client, I discovered that she didn’t have a business email! At that point I suggested I could not only create a Gmail account for her, but also I could integrate that email account with Hubspot. From there I even was able to install a chrome plugin which allows my client the ability to schedule meeting straight from her Gmail, which automatically updates on her Hubspot account. These features will be valuable for my client since she corresponds with her customers via email a lot, so having her calendar and emails all in one place makes her job so much easier.

Above, you can see what Gmail looks like once it is integrated with the Hubspot CRM. 


I really enjoyed this portion of our project, since I learned about some really useful and awesome tools from Hubspot and Gmail and how to optimize each through various integrations. Also, my client really appreciated how I was proactive in finding ways to create value for her outside of what she had initially planned, and it really feels good to see how I can really help someone else out. You can also learn how to add these integrations yourself from my video post here.

From this point, my client and I will have a meeting to talk about how to further expand the software and personal goals for herself using the CRM.