Digitizing My Client’s Business Part 4: Finale

By the end of the third week, I had successfully added the necessary CRM plugins for my Client’s Hubspot and Gmail account. Also, the customer contacts for my client had been completely updated. So, my project of finding, customizing then installing a software for my client to keep track of her customer’s information, is now complete. Not to mention I also simplified the process by which she (my client), communicates with her customers by adding her Gmail account to the CRM as an extension.

Dashboard with a list of every connected email account


By having all of my client’s contacts on a single platform, she is now more easily able to search for particular customer data and communicate without hassle. This process is much simpler and more organized compared to her old system of having different information about her customers scattered through paper files and random doodles on notepads.

Hubspot and Gmail accessible all on one platform


From this point on I will still continue to offer her IT support and also data entry assistance since those things are ongoing and constantly updating. My client emails me directly when it comes to her IT issues. I do have direct access to her webpage so I can make any changes needed, but I do want her to learn and understand the CRM so I send detailed responses which offer step by step solutions (with screenshots) to help fix her IT troubles. Going into the future, however, there is still so much more room to expand and grow this CRM, through email marketing integrations and scheduling software such as Google calendar.