How I greatly reduced my company’s customer response times

At my former company, we heavily relied on booking orders and corresponding with customers through our website’s email portal. As a result, I spent most of my day replying to our customers’ questions and sending them line item quotes. Consequently, when we are not able to respond to customers’ inquiries quickly enough, they often will look elsewhere for business. When I was hired to work at this firm, It became abundantly clear that fast response times are vital for success.


Here are four things I did to help my company lower its overall email response time:

1. Expand our email templates

The vast majority of the emails we sent consist of quotes for services we offer and answers to questions customers have for us. So, I created new templates for the most common questions we get from customers such as “how many people can each table seat?” and “When can I expect to be refunded for my deposit?”. I simply typed set responses onto a text editor, including a list of prices and other relevant information about our rental items. Doing this has made replying to customers significantly easier especially when the volume of emails is larger, during our busy seasons.

2. Dedicate time to emailing customers ONLY

It’s common while working for people to take on too many tasks at once. That was also the case at our business. There were coworkers who would multitask a lot and so miss emails and potentially lose customers. I took it upon myself to ask my bosses if I could take charge of the emailing, in order to make sure each email has no errors and that every customer is responded to. When I made this suggestion to my bosses and focused on our emailing specifically, the company saw an increase of at least five more orders per month.

3. Organize our contacts list

What also allowed me to increase our orders monthly, was organizing every customer into a contact list. We had the customers whom would pay through our payment processor and also those who paid through PayPal. I added all the customers on to a single contact list provided by our payment processor so that searching client history was significantly easier. By having all customer data on one platform, it allowed me to simply process new transactions for returning customers with a quick search and a single click, instead of looking through old emails from years ago.

4. Implement a software*

I included an asterisk above this last improvement since this is a project I am just starting. None the less, I am helping to implement a software which our company has just purchased, that will change the system by which we interact with and confirm customers. This new software will allow customers to chose items and receive instant price information. It will also allow us to automate emails and will store customer data all on an easy to use platform.

Stay posted, since I will be blogging about this whole process within the next few weeks….