Why Customer Success is the perfect starting point for a career in Tech

A career in tech is not only lucrative and fulfilling, but impactful on the world. Each new technological creation pushes innovation further and further, changing life for the better. For anyone looking to get into a career in Tech, Customer Success is the perfect starting point.

Regardless of if you want to do Marketing, Sales or Development, the skills learned doing Customer Success are universally applicable and will enhance your abilities in these other areas.

Relatively Low barrier to entry

A job as a Customer Success associate generally does not require an understanding of complex hard-skills or years of experience as a Content Manager or Account Executive. It is an entry-level job where strong communication skills and a great attitude are the main requirements. If you possibly have another focus such as Development or Marketing, as you begin working in Customer Success, look for backlogged tasks related to your interest to work on after-hours along with your Customer Success duties and eventually you will be in a position to leverage your knowledge of the product to expand into your desired role.

You will learn the product inside and out!

Just spending one day answering Customer tickets will push you to think about the product differently. Clients will always come up with new questions and use-cases and that will help you more deeply understand not only a specific product but how all products can be used by Customers. A deep understanding of any technology and how Clients interact with it helps Developers to build a better product by keeping the Customer in mind throughout each new feature added.

You will learn how to effectively communicate complex concepts.

Providing solutions to Client issues requires the ability to communicate in a concise way many difficult to understand concepts. Working in Customer Success pushes you to explain functionalities and solutions quickly but thoroughly. Effective communication of a product is an essential skill for Sales as well as marketing and is thoroughly developed within a Customer Success role.